(UPDATED!) How to use Tweakware VPN with MTN (BIS):


1> Subscribe to any of these MTN's Blackberry® Internet Bundle by doing the following:

UPDATED: 17th March 2015

New subscription code to get your Tweakware VPN working with MTN Blackberry Subscription
PLEASE NOTE: Other settings remain the same, although you may need to cancel your old bis subscription before subscribing to this, do that by sending "EXPIRE" to 21600

NEW CODE BELOW: 1 DAY Subscription: text "BBLITED" to 21600 OR dial *216*7# , Costs #70
1 DAY Subscription: text "BBMIDID" to 21600 OR dial *216*4*1# , Costs #100
1 MONTH Subscription: text "BBLITEM" to 21600 OR dial *216*3*3#, Costs #1,000
Daily plans are highly recommended if you use a fairly large amount of data per day.

(If you are not able to subscribe your SIM card using your Android Mobile phone then try using a Nokia Torchlite phone)

. 1> (using the subscribed SIM) Configure/Set your Modem's access point to "web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net" then connect to the Internet.

2> Open Tweakware VPN > Go to "Tools" in configuration templates Select "MTN TCP 3" , Click Apply Template, Tick "Use TCP Headers"
Now go to "Main" , Select a server then click on "Connect"
Connect Tweakware VPN and wait till it successfully connects, then set your Internet applications to use No Proxy.

If you encounter any errors while connecting kindly read the following tips to correct the problem:

- "Authentication Failed!" error: Please check your username and password.
(Trial accounts can only connect to the DEMO server and will give Authentication Failed error on the regular servers, you will have to upgrade your account to have access to all servers.)
NB: username and password are CaSe sensitive, e.g if you registered with "Frank" you will not be able to connect using "frank" as username (note the "F" and "f").

- "TAP Driver Error" error : Click Utilities and click on "Install TAP 32 Adapter" and allow it to finish.

- "All the TAP 32 Drivers in this system are currently in use" error: This can be corrected by download and installing OpenVPN on the erring PC.

Download link for OpenVPN: http://swupdate.openvpn.org/community/releases/openvpn-2.2.2-install.exe

- "TLS Error: TLS handshake failed" error: Check your PC's time/date and set it to the current date.

if you are experience an error that is not listed here then contact us via email: castsports@gmail.com
...you can also email the log as attachment so we can figure out what problem you are having, easily.